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Does Manhattan Bagel offer nutritional information for its menu items?

Yes, you can find nutritional information available on this web site under the “Nutrition” page or by nutrition page  We are always happy to customize your favorite menu items to meet your dietary preferences. Please let our team members know if you would like to modify your order and it will be our pleasure to customize your selection to meet your needs.

If I have food allergies or other special dietary needs, will I still be able to dine at Manhattan Bagel?

Do you currently have vegan and/or vegetarian offerings on your menu?

Many of our salads or sandwiches can be made without meat on request. Please check with your local store for information on any current vegan offerings.

How can I get coupons?

Our menu is priced to provide the best value to our customers. As such, we do not currently have coupons on our national website. However, we regularly send coupons and news by email to our M-Club members. Join the club today and we will send you a coupon for a FREE Bagel & Cream Cheese with beverage purchase. Enjoy exclusive deals throughout the year and be the first to know about our latest products and promotions. Join the club

Why don't I get your coupons in the mail or in the local paper?

We distribute printed coupons several times during the year.  We work through an outside marketing firm and unfortunately are not able to reach every house near every location.  To enjoy exclusive deals throughout the year and be the first to know about our latest products and promotions, please join our M-Club by clicking here:  http://www.manhattanbagel.com/jointheclub

Do you accept coupons on smart phones?

It is our policy to accept all coupons on smart phones or other mobile devices in our company stores so long as they are not expired, and the franchise location is participating in the coupon program. So please feel free to save your ink and use your phone!

How can I sign up for your M-Club?

Sign up by clicking on Join Our Club at the top of this page.

If I'm having a problem accessing or using my existing M-Club account, how can I have the problem fixed?

To let us know about a problem with your M-Club account send us a comment via our "Contact Us" page or Contact page You can also click on the “Problem Viewing? Click Here” link to view the email in your browser. 

I don't think I'm receiving emails from your M-Club. What's the problem?

We send M-Club emails out to our members periodically throughout the year. It's possible that your email system is blocking messages from Manhattan Bagel. To ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox, please add manhattanbagel@manhattanbagel.fbmta.com to your address book or safe sender list. If you're still not receiving our emails, Contact us to let us know about the problem.

If I'm having a problem printing my M-Club coupon with the graphics (only half of the coupon prints or it prints a blank page), how can I have the problem fixed?

If your message is blank or doesn’t display images correctly, you may not have graphics enabled. Look for the link on the page “Printer friendly version” or “view graphics in the open message” or “view all content from this sender.”

Still can’t see the images, or you see blue links? Many email networks block images, so if you can’t change your settings, forward the message to a non-work address to view it. --If your images are grayed-out as with AOL, Yahoo, etc., click Show Images/Enable Links above the email.

NOTE: If your coupon does not print correctly, you may need to enable Print Background Images on your browser. If you use Internet Explorer, click on Tools>Internet Options>Advanced. If you use a different browser, check your Help section for similar options.

How do I check the balance on my gift card?

Please click on the “Gift Cards" tab at the top of this page and then click on "Check Gift Card Balance".

Why doesn't my location accept gift cards or coupons?

Many Manhattan Bagel stores are owned and operated by independent Franchisees and are not required to participate in all Manhattan Bagel coupon programs. We are working towards a system-wide solution and we apologize for any inconvenience.  

Do you offer catering services or delivery?

Have an important business meeting or group gathering? We deliver hot breakfasts and fresh lunches all day.  To see if there is a restaurant near you that delivers to your area, please check the information available under the “Catering” link at the top of this page.

Do you recycle or participate in any other green initiatives?

Manhattan Bagel has several eco-friendly procedures, which include recycling of paper and other products. We use energy-efficient equipment in our restaurants and participate in many environmental community programs in our neighborhoods. We are continuously working to identify new ways to incorporate recycling and other green initiatives in our restaurants and operations.

Can you tell me where you plan to open new restaurants in the future?

Because unplanned schedule changes can arise with new restaurants, we typically do not publicly announce new restaurant locations until a couple of weeks before opening. When we announce new openings, it is usually through local news announcements, advertising or through direct mail. We also update our website with new restaurant listings in the “Store Locator” section as our newest restaurants open.

If you have a suggestion for where we might open a new location in your community, or any other location, we welcome your thoughts. Send us your suggestion via our "Contact Us" page by submitting a "Suggestion" or Contact us

How can I request charitable support, sponsorships or donations from Manhattan Bagel?

Please contact your local store for sponsorship or donation opportunities.

Where do I get information on franchises or franchise opportunities?

For more information on pursuing a franchising opportunity with Manhattan Bagel: opportunity

How do I request investor information?

Please refer to the Investor Relations section on corporate website at: http://www.einsteinnoah.com/financial/investorrelations.aspx

How do I find my neighborhood store?

Please click on the “Store Locator" tab at the top of this page and enter your zip code or city and state to find a store near you.

What time do you open?

Please click on the “Store Locator" tab at the top of this page and enter your zip code or city and state to find store hours for a location near you.

How do I share an idea with you about a new product, service, promotional concept or other innovation that I believe would benefit you?

Unfortunately, we do not accept or consider any unsolicited creative proposals, materials or ideas from outside of Manhattan Bagel. Further, we cannot compensate anyone for unsolicited ideas or materials. Because we are always working on new ideas and strategies within the company, we do not review ideas from outside the company to avoid confusion over the origin of an idea.

How do I get a job working at Manhattan Bagel?

You can apply for crew and hourly management opportunities at your local Manhattan Bagel location.

How do I get information about corporate jobs?

Please visit the Careers page to identify positions and submit your resume or Find jobs