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Manhattan Bagel Company Commitment to Following Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Standards for its Broiler Chickens

DENVER, CO – Aug 10, 2017 - In a continued effort to elevate the products we bring to consumers, Manhattan Bagel Company is making a commitment to work with our suppliers, licensees, and industry partners to improve the welfare of broiler chickens that we source and ensure that by 2024 we buy only chicken that is produced in alignment with the following standards set by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), an international farmed animal welfare certification program:

  • Source only chicken breeds approved by GAP as having higher welfare outcomes
  • Source only chickens that are given improved space to reduce stocking density per GAP standards
  • Offer improved living environment to include lighting, litter, and enrichment per GAP standards
  • Process all chickens more humanely through a multi-step, controlled-atmosphere processing system
  • Demonstrate compliance with the above standards via a third-party audit

By sourcing higher-welfare chickens with better living conditions and more stringent processing requirements, we believe that we will give the chickens we source a better quality of life as well as bring our consumers a better quality of product to enjoy.